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Our history

Our history is inherently linked to the country that gave us birth over 70 years ago: Chile.
The vast Andes mountain range dominates Chile on the east and the enormous Pacific Ocean on the west. The north is home to the world's driest desert, and the south features wonderful glaciers. These natural barriers provide very special microclimates that, together with virtuous lands and the hard work of so many people, give life to a true winegrowing paradise.

Viña Maipo

Viña Maipo is named after the valley in which it was founded in 1948: the Maipo Valley, known for being the birthplace of the country's most renowned wines. Since then, it seeks to transmit in each of its wines the passion that the residents of the village Maipo feel for the land and their customs. This same spirit inspires legend and our daily work.
Thanks to our innovative drive, Viña Maipo has grown towards equally prodigious new lands, seeking the best expression, style and aroma of each variety. Today, two thousand bottles of Viña Maipo are opened every hour in the over 50 countries in which we are present. And we want to continue covering new territories, introducing a part of Chile to the world by offering honest, delicious, pleasant, fruity and easy-drinking wines to whomever wishes to enjoy them.

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We believe in a world where what we do is equally important to people as it is to planet Earth. Therefore, our responsibility is not only towards the high quality of our wines, but also towards the surrounding nature. Because as wine producers, we know that every big or little detail is important when it comes to making the perfect wine.

We are a B Corporation

At Viña Maipo we are proud of joining more than 4,000 Certified B Corporations around the world that are working to ensure the wellbeing of people, societies, and the planet. Viña Concha y Toro and subsidiaries receive B Corps Certification, meeting the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Water Footprint

Our water footprint is 47% less than the industry’s average, and our vineyards are 100% drip irrigated. The methodology used to measure this is implemented by Water Footprint Network, world widely renown, and also verified externally by Deloitte. Our goal for 2020 is to reduce our water footprint by 10%.


We have achieved a 15% reduction in the use of energy by producing and distributing our bottled wines using lighter packaging. And 65% of the electricity used by the company comes from renewable sources, which we aim to increase to 100%.

Carbon Footprint

We have reduced more than 12% of the company’s carbon footprint thanks to the joint work of our packaging suppliers and also by using lighter bottles (1,1 kg CO₂ per 750 cc bottle. This is the average carbon footprint with lighter bottles of 380-400 g). Less carbon equals less use of glass and less emissions in the transport processes.


The Company owns 3,272 hectares of native forest that are placed within its properties, and has made a commitment to preserve and take care of these lands.


96% of the company’s waste is reused or recycled. Our goal is to reuse or recycle 100% by 2020. Zero Waste to Landfill.

Wines of Chile Sustainability Code

We are certified by the Sustainability Code of Wines of Chile.